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Keyless access: the new reality of safer workplaces

Workforce leaders around the world are desperately trying to restructure workplaces in order to be more secure after the breakout of the pandemic of coronavirus. Many employees don’t enjoy working from home for a longer period or even have the option to do so. But still – for many of us, a large portion of our days is spent at the office. Needless to say, COVID-19 won’t disappear overnight. We must therefore try and do our best to prevent it from spreading further. The current crisis is driven by a health problem: we don’t yet have a treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 and until the health problem is solved, places of work will be opportunities for infected people to infect others.

Now is the time to thoroughly think about how we can safely reopen workplaces. One thing is for sure, our day-to-day working environment has changed forever. We’re glad to be able to offer a key solution to one of the many challenges to come. We built Klevio to allow you to open doors from anywhere, saving you time and money in the process as well as having one less thing to think about. Klevio is no longer just a means of managing access – it is a product that can prevent COVID-19 from spreading. 

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