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Meet Lydia!

Lydia, Customer experience designer, also enjoys herding cats

Lydia is a wearer of many (figurative) hats, moving seamlessly between engaging with Klevio customers, marketing and product development. In fact, she rarely knows what she’ll be doing from one day to the next. But you’d never know it – she’s as unflappable as a Zen master.  Our favourite Lydia fact is that she once owned a 650CC hog bike. Nowadays, however, she’s hung up the helmet and spends most of her spare time taming her two small children. Oh and if you want to embarrass her, ask about the time she mistook a colleague for a dog.


We asked Lydia about what door would she choose if she could open any door in the world. She gave us an exhaustive answer.

I’ve always been obsessed with hotels. One day, I’m gonna launch my own hotel. I just haven’t got there yet. So I would want to have the keys to presidential suite somewhere like the Ritz. What went on when Dodi and Diana stayed there before that fatal night, what happened when Clinton went there and met World leaders… So yeah, presidential suite, key in one of the top hotels in the world, that would be my preferred key to have.

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