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Klevio’s Mixtape: Friday Unlocked

Even with all the conveniences of the modern commute, just getting from point A to point B can be the worst part of any given day. In fact, longer commutes are associated with poorer health and diminished productivity (according to CNN and Business Insider)! But, given that for some of us a long commute is unavoidable, why not reframe it as something to look forward to? Driving might be even a part of your holiday road trip to escape this summer heat. After all, with the right mindset (and the right soundtrack), anything is possible!  Read More

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Welcome to the New and Improved Klevio Blog!

Let us give you a quick primer: you’ll still find all the awesome content you’ve come to expect from us here, plus some exciting new additions! For instance, we’ll be sharing exclusive interviews with real Klevio users, in which they tell us a little about their busy lives, their homes, their passions, and answer such pressing questions as: “If you could open any door in the world, which door would that be?” (Our first two profiles have amazing answers to that question, so make sure you check them out!)

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Typeform Data Breach

Typeform had a data breach – none of our users’ personal information was included.

On Wednesday, Typeform, the service we use for online forms and surveys, suffered a data breach. That means some integrations and forms were downloaded by an unknown hacker. On Friday, we received their email informing us that their team responded immediately and closed the source of entry. They’re closely monitoring their platform and they took a variety of measures to ensure the ongoing security of our data.

We want to inform you that none of the personal information we acquired through the forms was included in this hack. The only form of ours that was breached was one that includes no personal information – an anonymous survey on the position and meaning of buttons on the Klevio device we ran a while back. Read More

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The Klevio Story (so far…)

At Klevio, we’re keen to be as transparent as possible about the people behind our product, because it is their vision, passion and creativity that imbues everything we do. As we prepare for our commercial launch, we thought we’d take the opportunity to give you a potted history of the story so far…

Founded by three experienced business leaders and serial entrepreneurs, the team behind Klevio have been at the forefront of the smart-home technology revolution for several years. The company is the result of a merging of two products — Sherlock (a keyless entry system which lets you open your doors with your phone) and CubeSensors (a connected device that monitors rooms).

Head of Operations Mark (left) and Co-founder Demetrios (right)

As a co-founder of luxury home rentals service onefinestay, Demetrios Zoppos helped develop Sherlock as a way of streamlining the daily management of thousands of properties (and therefore keys) around the world. Meanwhile around the same time Aleš Špetič and Marko Mrdjenović were busy co-founding CubeSensors in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Co-founder Aleš Špetič

Then in 2016, Demetrios, with his knowledge of the home access market, and Aleš and Marko, with their expertise in hardware development, joined forces to form Klevio with the aim of taking home access to the next level of innovation.

And that’s the story so far. But really, it’s just the beginning…

Want to know about the rest of the Klevio team? We’l be posting snapshot bios of every staff member, telling you about their day-to-day role, how they like to spend their spare time, and poking a bit of fun at them too. Don’t worry, they’ve got broad shoulders…

Co-founder Marko (left) and Head of Marketing Urška (right). Matjaž, Manufacturing and Ljubljana office manager, photo-bombing in the background.